Frank Pereira:

It is no exaggeration to say that Frank was raised in the drywall business. He is the epitome of the traditional skilled tradesman, having earned his skills by honing them, beginning at the age of eight under the guidance of two generations of experienced tradesmen; his father and older brother.

Keen to make his own mark in his career, Frank has more than 20 years in the construction industry, including large-scale build projects, smaller projects and residential renovations, as well as working for one of the most successful drywall companies in the province. Never forgetting that drywall and taping are as much an art form as they are a physical skill, Frank has mastered his trade and demands the same quality and excellence of those who work with him. He has earned a valued reputation for professional quality in his workmanship and his commitment to complete projects on time and on budget. He has earned the respect of builders, contractors and individual homeowners, and for Frank that is what matters most.

Eager to make his own name in the business, Frank formed Rock Drywall Services back in 2004, changing only the name to Rock Drywall Interiors in 2012. He lives in Fergus and knows his business will continue to reflect the small town values that still exist here: honesty and integrity. Frank share’s a professional outlook on customer service, always aware that they are only as good as their last job. The desire to do the work right the first time is a genuine philosophy that earns¬†RDI repeat business. Accountability is key. Skill is absolute. Customer service is everything.


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